4 Regional traning meetings aimed at exchanging relevant information between selected regional buildings were held in Crete before the Christmas break.

Before the Christmas break, the CRETE Region and the Center For Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES), partners of the SHERPA project, organised 4 Regional training meetings (1 per Regional Unit), all related to the selected Buildings of the Region. These selected buildings are all Office buildings, as per their predominant use. 

Among participants, approx. 7-15 per meeting, there were Energy Managers of Regional buildings, Engineers from Technical services departments of the Region and Regional Units.

The focus of those 4 Regional training meetings was to present an overview of the Regional stock, its energy performance, its services and consumption, and to discuss the issues/inefficiencies that had been identified in the operation/energy/comfort of the pilot buildings, as well as discussing potential energy renovation measures.

For the forthcoming Regional training meetings, the Region of Crete will tackle the progress of energy studies of pilot buildings, diagnosis of existing energy performance and technical-financial feasibility of alternative energy renovation measures for each building. 

Furthermore, the idea of those foreseen meetings will be to focus on further specific thematic areas related to energy renovation of public buildings, such as national and European frameworks for energy efficiency in buildings; designing energy renovation projects; proposed technical-cost feasibility of different energy renovation measures for the pilots or available funding mechanisms, etc.