SHERPA Italian National Seminar - Bologna, October 2019

"Strategies and instruments supporting the energy upgrading of public buildings"


In order to carry out the transference of SHERPA results and involved a maximum number of regions and municipalities within the involved countries and their surrounding MED areas for the replication of SHERPA methodology, one SHERPA National Seminar will be carried out in each SHERPA's country.

The Seminar will be open to Associated Partners.

The seminar’s contents will base, on the one hand, on the preliminary study of the Testing WP, and on the other hand, on the evaluation of the pilot activities’ results.

SHERPA first National Seminar will be held in Bologna (IT) next 19 of October. This Seminar will be the the result of the joint work of the three SHERPA Italian's partners: Emilia-Romagna ; Lazio and Abruzzo.

Agenda available in IT or EN.


In addition to participating in the event, to capitalize on the results obtained by the project, we invite all participants, in particular public bodies, to sign up as "observer" of the SHERPA project activities in order to benefit from a large range of other advantages. Membership is free, so ==> JOIN US <==