SHERPA ended in January 2020!

After 3 years of rich, intense and fruitful collaboration to improve Energy Efficiency in Mediterranean Public Buildings, it is now time for partners to draw some conclusions and prepare for the...

Read our latest press release and discover the results of the final conference of SHERPA

The latest press release of SHERPA is out!

A second regional meeting of the capitalization process (after the first one held on May) focused on the stock of buildings owned the local authorities. It was held on October 22nd, organised by the...

Over the past 6 months, SHERPA has moved on from the Transferring to the Capitalisation phase. Regional Capitalisation Workshops are now on-going with the aim to involve municipalities within the...

A first regional meeting of the capitalisation process focused on the stock of buildings owned the regional administration. It was held on May 29th, organised by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Region of Crete and CRES - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving as contributing partner, organized the Regional Capitalisation Workshop in Heraklion on Friday 5 April 2019.

The 4th SHERPA Newsletter is taking stock of the mid-term results of the project.