AMORCE, one of SHERPA's French partners, selected 6 buildings from 3 different municipalities in which energy audits following the project's methodology will be carried out in 2019.

Accurate knowledge of the state of its building is the first thing to do for ensuring the implementation of the most ambitious renovation operations possible in terms of financial investment. It is for this reason that AMORCE, as part of SHERPA, proposes to local authorities,  to have a "pilot" energy audit carried out by the design office Inddigo . 6 buildings were selected in 3 different municipalities:

- Valence Romans agglomeration: the Bayet primary school built in 1960, 2140m2 as well as the socio-educational building, the Maison Pour Tous de Fonbarlette, built in 1970, both 730m2 heated by district heating.

- Community of municipalities of the Mont Blanc region: the Contamines-Monjoie town hall, which is a building built in 1945 and heated with fuel oil, on 1250m2, as well as the primary school of Le Fayet in Saint Gervais les Bains, buildings from 1997, of 1800m2.

- Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole: the Jean Taris swimming pool, built in 1981, of 950m2, heated by gas and the Jules Vernes multimedia library, built in 2002, heated by electricity, on 1500m2
These buildings were chosen to be representative of municipalities buildings at least by the distinction of their use.

A second wave of applications will identify 4 more buildings.

The synthesis of these audits will be presented during the national french seminar on public buildings in spring 2019.