ENERFUND is a European Union project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme. Its main objective is to increase and encourage financial investment in the deep energy renovation of buildings.

EPCs are currently among the most important sources of information on the energy performance of the EU’s building stock and a promising tool for deep energy renovations. Nevertheless, the deep energy renovation potential remains to a big extent unexploited due to  enforcement issues and other barriers/problems/inefficiencies. In order to evaluate the current EPC impact on energy renovation, renting and purchasing decisions, a web-based survey took  place, and its results are provided and discussed within this paper. Moreover this  paper introduces ENERFUND: an energy renovation decision making tool. It also presents its potential contribution on the energy renovation of buildings pan-European effort

The European ENERFUND tool could promote deep buildings energy renovations, using publicly available EPC databases and providing an evaluation score for energy renovation on buildings or building units, based on several key drivers which affect energy renovation decisions. However, in order to maximise the effectiveness of energy renovation tools, EPC open source database availability should be established  in every EU member state. 

Read more about the ENERFUND tool: http://app.enerfund.eu/.

More information about the project is available here: http://enerfund.eu/.