2nd Valencian regional capitalisation workshop - Valence



The European Commission launched in 2008 the Covenant of Mayors, an initiative open to all cities and towns in Europe with the aim of involving local authorities and citizens in the development and implementation of energy policy of the Union European.


The new Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is a tool that aims to bring the energy targets set by Europe to municipalities in all European countries. Therefore, the signatory municipalities undertake to act to achieve the objective of the European Union to reduce by 40% the greenhouse gases by 2030, and to promote joint action for climate change mitigation and adaptation.


This workshop is particularly aimed at technical staff of local government involved in the drafting and monitoring of Action Plans Sustainable Energy and the new Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy and Climate.


During the workshop the necessary documentation for the adaptation of PAES new PACES will be presented and show and explain the use of different tools and methodologies developed under various international initiatives that facilitate the drafting, monitoring and review of the Plans Action.


More information: bit.ly/2UCScsx