Regional Capitalisation Workshop of Catalonia and CPMR Intermediterranean Commission Task Force on Energy Renovation in Mediterranean Buildings

The 29th of May morning, Catalonia is organising its SHERPA’s Catalonia regional capitalisation workshop in Barcelona. This workshop mainly aimed at municipal technicians, during which the Catalonian SHERPA’s partners, also lead partners of the project, will present the main tools of the project’s testing activities, and involve new municipalities wishing to replicate the SHERPA methodology within one of their buildings (final overall objective of the capitalisation phase of the project: 100 ERB projects in municipal buildings).

Have a look at the workshop agenda (CAT version) here. Register here.

The CPMR-IMC will take the opportunity to organise a meeting of its Task Force on Energy  Renovation in Mediterranean Buildings (Working Group on Water and Energy) the 29th May afternoon. The objective of the meeting will be to introduce the main concept and structure of the Joint Action Plan designing in the frame of SHERPA, and thus to discuss the perspectives and new opportunities in terms of Energy Renovation in Mediterranean Buildings as well as the ways forward for the collective contribution and implementation of the latter.

Have a look at the Task agenda (EN & FR versions) here.