Strengthening synergies between SHERPA and IMPULSE

Last October in Alicante, the Valencia Institute of Building (IVE), as a partner of 2 modular projects (SHERPA & IMPULSE) under the Efficient Buildings axis, organised a working meeting with Elche Municipality (partner of IMPULSE) and the Energy Agency of Alicante ( public regional administration).

SHERPA and IMPULSE are focused on the development of common objectives to address energy renovation projects in buildings, integrated project delivery and other tools for integrating the whole value chain. Optimisation and integration of advanced energy saving, energy use, and energy generation systems such as insulation, industrialised components for retrofitting, advanced HVAC and management systems and distributed energy generation are key to achieve the goals of projects under this theme.

This kind of meetings during the project life helps fostering networking, sharing solutions to common problems and exchanging best practices. As results become available, it enables joint dissemination, training, and joint demonstration. In this context, some of the pilot buildings used in IMPULSE will be part of the pilots in SHERPA. Joint activities, especially around dissemination and demonstration, and in order to do complementary activities around the energy efficiency of public buildings and to obtain better "demonstrators-buildings", will be organised.

On top of that, the two projects will exchange recommendations for guidelines, regulations, and policies, because of the different profiles of the stakeholders involved.

This synergy approach has brought clear advantages by enabling enriching interactions between companies from different backgrounds. The Energy Agency of Alicante, which is in contact with SMEs, shared information about markets, technology trends, user acceptance, policies, and regulation.

“Filling the gap” can be the synthesis of this working-collaboration.