Abruzzo Region organises a second Regional Training Session

The second Regional Training meeting of the Abruzzo Region, an active partner of the SHERPA project, was held at the Department of Industrial Information Engineering and Economics of the University of L’Aquila – Faculty of Civil and Architectural Engineering in L’Aquila (Italy), on 28 March 2018.

The aim of this 2nd Regional training meeting was to learn about the state of the art of the analysis on Energy Efficiency measures implemented in 11 regional pilots by academic experts through technical data retrieved for each pilot building. It was also the opportunity to share this state of the art with the Service's assistance to the Property of the Abruzzo Region.

Laura Rosella opened the meeting emphasising the project's aim that consists in accelerating the implementation of EU directives by the regions on the existing building stock in the Mediterranean. She also outlined the future steps to be undertaken to meet the project’s goals. Following this, Tullio De Rubeis, PhD Researcher from the University of L’Aquila, outlined the characteristics of the selected regional buildings and the major needs of Energy Efficiency refurbishment according to an initial comprehensive analysis carried out with the data collected. The University's experts, together with the ones from the Abruzzo Region, discussed the current conditions of the buildings, and the Energy Efficiency measures to be possibly taken into consideration, according to the project requirements. 

During the afternoon session, the working group continued with the brainstorming session initiated during the morning session, and concluded by expressing the intention to deliver Energy Efficiency measures that are as accurate as possible and that can play a key role in terms of future investment by the regional government. The model of Energy Efficiency Buildings measures will be transferred to identified local buildings, which also need energy efficiency refurbishment.

The experts of the University and of the Abruzzo Region have established a close collaboration in order to end up defining a solid regional strategic paper on the actual measures to be applied to the 11 buildings, which can be utilised by the regional government in the framework of the Energy Efficiency strategy.

This working session was a great opportunity to bring together representatives from the regional government and academics, and sharing ideas and views on the methodology defined by the University of L’Aquila at the Department of Industrial Information Engineering. This especially enabled the Abruzzo Region to identify the most suitable Energy Efficiency measures for the regional pilots.