Emilia Romagna Capitalisation Workshop for local authorities and actors

A second regional meeting of the capitalization process (after the first one held on May) focused on the stock of buildings owned the local authorities. It was held on October 22nd, organised by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The meeting took place in the Emilia-Romagna Region premises. About 30 people, officers and technicians of local authorities and local agencies managing public buildings, regional officers, representatives of regional building clusters, universities and reseach bodies attended the meeting. The objective of the meeting was to describe SHERPA results and output produced during the testing phase regarding the energy renovation (ERB) projects for the local buildings (especially residential public buildings and schools) scenario, perspectives, supporting measures and plans for implementation of ERB projects. 

Mr. Marcello Capucci, project responsible manager and Ms. Claudia Mazzoli, the project coordinator for the Emilia-Romagna Region introduced SHERPA, described results of the testing phases as well as the objectives and the tasks of the capitalization phase, including the preparation of the roadmap for the renovation of the stock or regional buildings, and the practical results obtained.

Massimo Bottacini of ART-ER, the regional development agency providing technical support to the Region, presented in details the works and the outputs produced on the local buildings (residential and schools). Morena Peghetti, of ART-ER as well, presented the outcomes and lessons learned from the work for the evaluation of projects done by the SAP-Scientific Advisory Board established by the project. 

In a second session, regional partners of different other EU financed projects implemented in Emilia-Romagna discussed the specific other instruments supporting energy renovation of the public buildings regional stock developed by the project themselves and their location within the SHERPA systemic model. The workshop took advantage of the participation of many other projects SHERPA established a strong partnership: BOOSTEE-CE, IMPULSE, CONZEBS, LEMON, PREPAIR, TEESCHOOLS, FEEDSCHOOLS.

The discussion focused on scenarios, resources and opportunities as well as on operational details with the generale purpose of identifying the next possible steps of the project and a general roadmap for the renovation of local public buildings in Emilia-Romagna.

You can download the presentations here.

For more information regarding the SHERPA project in Emilia-Romagna, please contact the project coordinator at the Emilia-Romagna Region (claudia.mazzoli@remove-this.regione.emilia-romagna.it).