Emilia-Romagna completes regional training sessions focused on public residential buildings

The Emilia-Romagna Region completed the round of meetings focused on public residential buildings in order to define the energy renovation projects within the SHERPA project. The third session was held on 20 February 2018.

The third training session concluded the analysis and discussions about the energy efficiency measures for public residential buildings, with the active participation of regional officers and technicians, local technicians, experts of ERVET (the regional development agency which provides support to SHERPA activities) and other local agencies.

Following a format similar to the previous meetings, during the first part of the meeting participants deepened and discussed under the technical point of view the projects for renovation of buildings. The second part was dedicated to the explanation and discussion of public-private financial schemes, bankability of projects and the most advanced experiences developed at regional level for mobilizing private financial resources.

During the final discussion, participants confirmed how these round of meetings were useful to increase the knowledge about the energy renovation projects and to resolve the technical and economic barriers to reach the energy saving objectives in the public buildings.