SHERPA Crete Regional Capitalisation Workshop took place in Heraklion on April 5

Region of Crete and CRES - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving as contributing partner, organized the Regional Capitalisation Workshop in Heraklion on Friday 5 April 2019.

The event was titled «Dissemination and Capitalization Event of the European Projects REBUS and SHERPA for Energy Renovation of Public Buildings», it was coorganized by SHERPA and REBUS Projects and was attended by approx. 75 people representing cretan Municipalities, Public Services, Universities of Crete and Professionals. The objective of the Regional Workshop was to present to the Municipalities and other Public Authorities of Crete the results of the SHERPA project and enable their active participation in it. For the implementation of the workshop experts were invited as speakers.

Mr. Kalogeris, Vice-governor of Environment, Planning and Energy of Region of Crete, pointed out that Region of Crete gives particular emphasis to energy efficiency of buildings and to energy saving through adopting European policies. The energy upgrading of the building stock is a key component of the transition to a sustainable low carbon society, which finds a significant scope for modern energy-saving and resource-saving practices.

Mr. Alexakis, Regional Advisor in European and International Affairs, highlighted the significance of the workshop for giving the added value of the european projects which is the cooperation of the institutions of Crete with other Regions in the Mediterranean and Europe, on specific issues such as energy savings in public buildings.

Dr. Hatziyanni, Director of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Region of Crete, presented the Regional Strategy of Smart Specialization in the Region of Crete. Dr. Hatziyanni stated that through the implementation of European projects, the Region of Crete aims to capitalize their results and integrate them into its strategies and to translate these results into sustainability indicators through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Mr. Georgios Pantelakis, Head of the Department of European Programs of the Regional Development Fund of Crete, presented the processes and steps of the New Covenant of Mayors, its approach and its structure. Materials, tools and specific financial tools were presented to support the participants. Mr. Pantelakis continued with the presentation of the achievements of the Covenant of Mayors for 2015. Mr. Pantelakis then mentioned the Sustainable Energy Action Plans of the Municipalities of Crete and presented programs and application sections of the Local Authorities of Crete in the field of Sustainable Energy Development. 

Mrs. Maria Apostolaki, the coordinator of SHERPA project, presented the objectives for the Region of Crete about energy upgrading of the public buildings and the expected benefits from SHERPA. She highlighted that the Region of Crete has created co-operations through the implementation of the European projects for the increase of energy efficiency and anticipates innovative policies and solutions in this direction.

Mrs. Eleni Chatzigeorgiou, SHERPA project manager for CRES, presented the project’s targets and the implementation phases with reference to the methodology for the selection of 100 energy renovation projects for public buildings. She referred to the pilot actions in Crete and the benefits of the exploitation of the results in conjunction with the other relevant projects implemented by the Region of Crete, as well as the synergies created by its implementation.

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