SHERPA Maltese National Seminar - November 14 in Gozo (MT)

SHERPA partners met on the island of Gozo between the 13th and 14th November in the framework of the project’s 5th Steering Committee to discuss the project’s progress and upcoming steps. On this occassion, the Maltese National Seminar was also organised to raise awareness on the project and encourage stakeholders to become SHERPA Observers.

SHERPA’s Maltese National Seminar took place at the Ministry for Gozo in Victoria. The objective of this meeting was to give an introduction and explain the objectives of the project to stakeholders involved in the field of energy efficiency in public buildings, who might be interested in becoming Observers of the project. 

Hon. Minister Dr. Justyne Caruana, Minister for Gozo, opened the meeting and explained how the vision of SHERPA complements the vision of ecoGozo which foresees the island to become green and sustainable. Hon. Caruana highlighted a similar ongoing project at the Ministry for Gozo which benefited from €1.3m in EU funds and will be retrofitted with energy efficient measures allowing the building consumption to reduce by 35%. 

The introduction speech was followed by a presentation from Josep Casas, Deputy General Director of Architecture, Housing Planning & Urban Improvement who congratulated the whole partnership for the hard work done so far. He gave an introduction of the SHERPA project and continued by explaining the main objectives. Mr. Casas also explained the results of the SHERPA project and then concluded the presentation by giving an overview of the structure of the project. 

The second presentation was done by Xavier Martí Rague, SHERPA’s Coordinator, who explained the four stages of the SHERPA model and described how these will be tested at regional level with 100 public buildings from 8 MED regions. Mr. Rague also commented that another 100 local buildings will be identified by municipalities and local councils to apply and capitalise on the SHERPA experience. 

Following the presentations, round table discussions were held to explain to stakeholders how SHERPA can support local councils and other Ministries to improve energy efficiency in their public buildings stock. The moderators of the round table discussion described the figure of a SHERPA Observer and the benefits in becoming one.