SHERPA meets with French public administrations

SHERPA French partner organised an encounter with French administrations from different levels (local, regional and national) in Lyon on 26 June 2018 to raise awareness on SHERPA and discuss possible ways for collaboration.

The National association of local authorities, associations and companies for waste management, energy management and district heating (AMORCE), which is a partner of SHERPA, met with several public actors in the frame of a workshop on Energy Renovation and Improvement of Public buildings. 

This meeting brought together around 40 people representing a variety of French administrations, including the French ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition; several metropolises (Grand Lyon, Lyon, Aix Marseille Provence); several cities (Valence, Toulouse, Lyon, Paris, Besancon, Venissieux, Montpellier); as well as many representatives from other public entities and agencies. 

The first part of the meeting focused on the French legal context in terms of energy renovation in public buildings, as well as on practical cases on how to better assess the heritage were also presented. This included a detailed presentation of SHERPA, in particular its transferring phase, which intends to open up the activities of the project to sub-regional actors.

Many administrations showed a strong interest in the project and are now discussing with AMORCE to identify buildings that could be assessed following SHERPA’s methodology. 

For more detailed information, you can visit AMORCE’s website or contact Fabien Moudileno or Paul Vienne.