SHERPA meets with Maltese municipalities and prepares for capitalising phase

SHERPA partners met in Gozo (Malta) on 13-16 November 2018 in the frame of the project’s 5th steering Committee to take stock of the testing activities, get an update on the transferring activities and prepare for the capitalising phase.

SHERPA’s 5th Steering Committee took place in Gozo in the premises of the Ministry for Gozo, back-to-back with the Maltese National Seminar and CESBA Sprint workshop. 

These encounters were the occasion for partners to present the conclusions from the Testing activities, meet with Maltese regional and local authorities interested in replicating the project’s methodology and getting involved in the capitalisation activities.

he first day, dedicated to SHERPA’s 5th SC was the occasion for the partners to expose their final results on testing activities, including: the identification and characterisation of buildings; the energy diagnosis and benchmarking analysis; the identification of the Efficient Energy Measures (EEM); Cost and energy calculation and of the financing analysis which consisted on the best financing operative scheme: passive / active measure / ER measures.

Among the activities carried out during the testing activities, partners presented their regional roadmap document to develop and implement EEB strategies based on the preliminary study of the testing activities.

The rest of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of communication, transferring and capitalising activities. The Joint Transferring Plan was approved by the partners and will be the basis of the capitalisation plan.

Other ongoing transferring activities, such as the National Seminars, were presented, and the partners had the opportunity to participate in the Maltese National Seminar, which was a concrete way to see the main messages to be transferred and how to involve other regions and municipalities within the MED area for the replication of SHERPA’s methodology.  

The Maltese National seminar gathered around 20 stakeholders coming from local and regional authorities. Roundtables were organised with the different partners of SHERPA, that split in order to discuss the stakeholders’ needs of but also to present the observer status developed under SHERPA.

Last but not least, the 3rd day was marked by the participation of SHERPA partners in a CESBA Sprint workshop, a project also belonging to the Efficient Buidling thematic community and with which SHERPA has signed a MoU, in order to develop synergies.

The foreseen important event will be the next Greek and Spanish National Seminars, held respectively on December 3rd and January 29th. The Spanish National Seminar will be organised back-to-back with SHERPA’s 6th Steering Committee focused on Capitalisation.

Stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the field of energy efficiency in public buildings and who are interested in becoming observers of SHERPA’s Associated Partners Forum so as to be informed of the project’s last development can express their interest by filling in this form.