SHERPA presents its outcomes during its final conference “Integrated Strategies for the Energy Renovation of Public Buildings in the Mediterranean”

Read our latest press release and discover the results of the final conference of SHERPA

Co-funded by the EU programme Interreg Med and led by the Generalitat of Catalunya, SHERPA SHared knowledge for Energy Renovation in buildings by Public Administrations project (2016-2020), held is final conference at the Committee of the Regions, on 22 January 2020. It gathered around 60 people, including SHERPA partners, representatives of European actors and ERB experts on European policies and strategies to achieve the European CO₂ reduction and Energy Efficiency targets. 

What are the main achievements of the project?

SHERPA project’s overall objective was to reinforce the capacities of public administrations at regional and sub-regional level within the territories covered by SHERPA (Catalunya, Crete, Croatia, France, Italy, Malta Valencia) so as to improve Energy Efficiency in their Public Buildings’ stock and address difficulties related to energy efficiency in buildings projects in the Mediterranean area.

In order to do so, SHERPA developed around 165 ERB projects proposals at regional and local scale.

These project proposals have been created thanks to a transnational, holistic and peer-to-peer model developed through 4 different working groups: governance, information, awareness and training, and financing.

A roadmap was created in order to have an overview of the building stock of each MED regions;

An information system facilitating the collection and benchmarking of building’s data to identify buildings that could easily increase their energy efficiency with simple and economic measures;

More than 80 civil servants were trained to identify the most effective and depreciable measures to implement according to the typology of the building;

Publics Administrations were able to calculate the best financing option to fund their projects.

All these results and tools are now available on SHERPA Capitalisation Platform and its Capitalisation set of toolkits that will host useful information, available for Regions, Municipalities and other stakeholders interested in buildings’ energy renovation (ERB). The platform is also composed of a Capitalisation Forum for networking with SHERPA partners and other technical actors and policy makers of Mediterranean public authorities with the aim to provide knowledge, best practices and to insert inquiries and seek for answers on issues related to planning and implementing energy renovation projects in public buildings. Last but not least, the platform should ultimately be a tool for implementing one of the main capitalising tools for the perspectives of Energy Renovation in Buildings (ERB) which is the Joint Action Plan (JAP) (available soon). 

The latter, besides aiming to establish a common framework to streamline EU, national and regional policies, will also draw on the results of the SHERPA project together with other EU, national, regional and local programmes and initiatives on ERB in public and private buildings in the Mediterranean area. 

It has a strategic axis with several themes including governance as a cross-cutting topic, training and knowledge, technical assistance information systems, networking and funding. These strategic elements can then be developed into operative actions. Multi-level governance actions based on the current level of coordination of regional and municipal ERB strategies will be developed to implement national strategies on ERB within the framework of EU directives.

The other strategic topics will be developed into operative actions through new projects and the SHERPA “Market Place”, an online platform to share and transfer knowledge, experiences in ERB projects in public facilities, create a meeting point between ERB experts and ERB stakeholder, identify funding opportunities.

An investment plan, together with the identification of financing sources for implementing both the Joint Action Plan and its specific operative actions are now under development. 

During its final conference, SHERPA offered the participants a dynamic debate on European policies and strategies to achieve the European CO₂ reduction and Energy Efficiency targets, with a main focus on Energy Renovation of Buildings linked to the European Green Deal and the next programming period. In this framework, the MED ERB JAP was presented and well received by the EC which pointed out the importance to speed up the ERB rate, communicate more on the benefits of ERB, explore further synergies, focus on the current policies.

Regions and other territorial stakeholders are invited to join the "ERB JAP Supporters network" and thus engage to share the MED ERB JAP objectives/strategy, opportunities and cooperate / capitalize on SHERPA results by signing the “declaration of support and engagement” (available soon).

All the project's deliverables will soon be available on SHERPA’s dedicated webpage and on SHERPA Capitalisation platform.