The IVE launches the energetic audit of its 14 buildings selectected in the frame of SHERPA

The SHERPA energetic audit aims to disseminate and apply best practices to any building, such as saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas savings and public financial resources

The Valencian Government and the Valencia Institute of Building (IVE) proceeded to the energetic audit of its 14 public buildings selected in the frame of SHERPA. This audit is a continuity of the Testing activities and more especially of their work on "training and awareness", which was developed through a working group coordinated by the IVE and which were involving public agents on online trainings based on the energy efficiency good practices.

The energetic audit will thus lead to improvement strategies from the point of view of energy efficiency. Furthermore, through this audit, the capacity of the public administration and connecting the agents involved in the process of improving the energy performance of buildings should be improve.

As the General Director of Housing, Rebeca Torró well said during her interview with the journalist present during the audit "they are essential accompanying strategies to achieve the objectives set by the European Parliament and Council Directive".

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