What has been done so far

The activities of SHERPA started in November 2016. The kick-off meeting took place on 15-16 December 2016 in Barcelona. 

Work Packages 2 (Communication) and 3 (Testing) are already at work and producing results. 

Below is what has been done so far in the frame of the testing activities: 

  • Constitution of the 4 Working Groups (Governance, Information, Training and Financial)
  • Identification of around 20 buildings (50% in Italy + 50% in Catalonia) to prepare ERB projects for SHERPA testing
  • WG Governance is Preparing first drafts of Regional and local ERB Policy Commitments and governance structures
  • WG Information is preparing the Shared information system (building regional data bases and programming the new application capable to produce ERB projects)
  • WG Training is preparing Public awareness strategies, including plan and implement specific on line trainings in ERB using pilot buildings to generate practical learning
  • WG Financing is working to create an Innovative combination and optimization of EEB financial models to assign to each pilot buildings their financial structure