Testimonies from end users

Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy)

“First of all I think SHERPA contributes with a systemic approach and provides a much more complete vision in the preparation of the projects. This is very important because it gives us the opportunity to face complexity. Today is not so obvious having available such a methodology. This is very positive because in some way it increases the quality of designing and the choices about interventions that we will need to implement in the framework of our plans.”

Marco Corradi, ACER’s President 


“The SHERPA method is very good for setting issues in addition to those methodologies we are used to as technicians, like the energy audit or other kind of assessments. It helps making a picture and, we can say, promoting homogeneity and comparability between the different interventions. It also allows a homogeneous evaluation of the buildings and the projects useful for planning evaluations.”

Ercole Finocchietti, ACER’s Technical Responsible

Alzira Council (Spain)

The city council of Alzira belongs to the Spanish network of intelligence city since 2013. With the project Alzira Intelligente the municipal council establishes, among other cities, a plan for a saving energy in which Alzira has been implementing different missions to achieve this goal. The energy analysis has allowed us to identify two missions that could improve its energy efficiency, such as windows replacement, facade insulation, substitution of the lighting system, refrigerant flow systems installation or photovoltaic installation. That would allow us to obtain around 65% savings in energy consumption with an investment of around 42 000 euros and an investment return period lower than 7 years.”

Ambrosio Ferrer, Municipal Architect

Municipality of Gozo (Malta)

“By following the SHERPA methodology, we have identified a number of energy efficient measures to be implemented in the local council buildings, such as the replacement of windows with double glazing or photovoltaic system installation. Through these interventions, the local council is saving around 7 000kW/h of electricity annually.”

Philip Vella, Mayor of Sannat

Lazio Region (Italy)

“Many municipalities, many local authorities have joined the call that the Lazio Region has made. A line of financing which, evidently, lies within a more general policy which is that of reducing CO2, and therefore we will continue on this path.”

Paolo Alfarone, Head of Energy Area