SHERPA Working Groups

Methodology of Working Groups and Process

The SHERPA Working Groups have been set up in the frame of the project’s testing phase, which ended in June 2018. There were four interconnected Working Groups, namely Governance, Information System, Training and Financing aiming at developing a roadmap to produce and implement EEB strategies.   

WG1 on Governance aimed to support building owners, promoters and regions to identify buildings and prepare the EEB Regional strategies. It was responsible for:  

- Preparing the identification sheets and collecting them once partners have filled them in; 

- Establishing the criteria to select SHERPA’s EEB Projects and making sure the first 100 buildings identified by the partners meet the pre-identified criteria;

- Assisting the partners in the identification of buildings; 

- Preparing the EEB regional strategies. 

The aim of WG2 on INFORMATION was to enter the data collected by WG1 in the dedicated database to produce technical terms of reference. 

WG3 on TRAINING was responsible for selecting people from partner regions that needed to be trained, identifying the training needs, and preparing and providing courses accordingly. 

Once the measures chosen, WG4 on FINANCING was responsible for studying the financial options and choosing the best financial structure for each SHERPA Project. 

The operational method of the Working Groups can be summarised in 5 steps:

  • The 1st step consisted in helping partners and promoters to fulfil the Building identification sheet to be introduced in the Governance WG as an input to start procedures. 
  • The 2nd step consisted in entering the building information into the application, which required an efficient communication between WG1 and WG2.
  • The 3rd step consisted in sharing the results obtained from the application to the WG3 in order to discuss the measures to be implemented and determine their cost. 
  • The 4th step consisted in preparing the budged and sharing it with WG4.
  • The 5th step consisted in preparing and sharing information about the buildings’ cards which has been awarded by SHERPA Management Board.

SHERPA Building Card

Each building complying with SHERPA’s requirements has been awarded a SHERPA Building Card at the end of the process. This card is a sort of label certifying that the renovation project concerning a specific building has gone successfully through all the phases foreseen by SHERPA and meet all its criteria.